Suman Sharma Biography

Dr. Suman Sharma started learning sitar in India at the tender age of ten. She was soon playing in music festivals and winning awards. Her talent was further polished under the tutelage of Ms. Kamlesh Mathur and Sh. Balwant Rai Verma. After earning Music and Economics as under graduate and an M.A. in economics, Sharma decided to devote herself completely to music. She joined the masters program in music at the University of Delhi, India, and completed her doctorate under the guidance of world renowned sitar maestro, Pandit Debu Chaudhuri. She also received a fellowship from the University Grants Commission (U.G.C.), awarded by the government of India. Sharma also holds Sangeet Visharad in vocal music (a prestigious and renowned training in classical music). In India, she performed regularly at music festivals and in traditional settings.

Since coming to the United States in 1998, Dr. Sharma has been very active in the Indian classical arena here. She has performed at venues in Washington, D.C., Virgina, and Maryland. She has been a regular performer at major universities through Spic - Macay. Sharma is an ardent promoter of Indian classical music, particularly the sitar. She has given several lecture-demonstrations and Indian music appreciation seminars in schools and universities. She has participated in Washington music festivals and performed for Public Television. She has even performed at the prestigious Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Sharma plays sitar effortlessly and enchantingly. Her beautiful renderings of Indian classical ragas create a magical world for her listeners. Her style is unique and yet deeply rooted in traditional Indian classicism. She is also on the approved list of artists at the Maharishi University, Iowa, and has performed several times at Maharishi TM centers as well as give sitar workshops at the University in Fairfield, Iowa.

Dr. Sharma has recorded several music albums, both solo and accompanied by other artists. Melody of Joy, My Sitar, Sitar Saurabh, and Monsoon are four of her most popular music albums. She has also written a couple of books, Know Indian Songs & My Favorites, which are unique in their presentation of popular Indian songs and prayers in Western notations. Sharma’s books enables people trained in Western music to play traditional Indian music.

In addition to being an accomplished performer, Dr. Sharma is a renowned sitar teacher in the tri-state area (DC-VA-MD). Several of her students have won accolades at music festivals and competitions. She is also an American Red Cross Water Safety instructor. She lives in Herndon, VA